During the initial consultation, you’ll be able to talk with Dr. Bednar about the changes you would like to make in your bite and appearance. He will explain the different options available to you, the procedure itself, and its risks and limitations. Dr. Bednar will also discuss cost estimates, since fees vary according to the length and difficulty of the case.

Dr. Bednar will begin with a complete medical history and examine your mouth and jaw. Please take this opportunity to ask all the questions you have about orthodontic procedures. Learning everything you can about your options, risks and benefits is the key to making an informed decision.

Our first step is to address the concerns of the patient—you!

Once we know what your desires and expectations are, Dr. Bednar designs a treatment plan according to them and your needs. We will discuss which appliance options are the most appropriate for you, i.e. which are likely to deliver the most benefit for you or your child for the least investment of your time and money.

Whenever possible, Dr. Bednar will seek to employ evidence-based dentistry in his treatment decisions, including diagnostic and treatment decisions based on the most current scientific information regarding the timing and type of intervention.